Soybean seeds

In the “SOKO” product portfolio grain-type varieties are presented that successfully realize the inherent genetic potential of productivity in soil and climatic conditions of growing due to the combination of high yields with adaptability and drought resistance.

The production and sale of seed the category “Elite” (ES) is limited and coordinated with management of the company.

Preinoculation of seeds is possible with a shelf life up to 25 days.

High-yielding for the wide range of cultivation, high-protein

High-yielding for the wide range of cultivation, high-protein

Combines high-yielding potential with adaptivity, high-protein

High-yielding, high-protein

Combines early maturing with high-yielding

Intensive type, with high-yielding potential

Combines high-yielding potential with adaptivity and drought-resistant variety

Intensive type with high-yielding potential and high-protein. Combines drought-resistant and response to irrigation.

Optimal for the main sowing and reseeding

Combines high-yielding potential with high-protein

High-yielding and early-maturing soybean variety with high adaptability and plasticity

Combines early maturity with high yield

High-yield determinant variety No. 1 on the irrigated fields

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