Business position

The “SOKO” company was founded in 1992 and rightfully considered as a leader in breeding the soybean varieties. Over 30 years of scientific work and successful experience in the field of breeding led to creation of competitive soybean varieties the quality of which is recognized not only in Russia but also abroad.

The Company`s breeding program is the largest in the country that makes it possible to breed soybean varieties that are unique in their characteristics.


Scientific research:

  • Breeding soybean varieties;
  • Development of new varieties farming technique elements;
  • Study of sowing and processing qualities of soy seeds;
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of biological products and agricultural chemicals;
  • Study of zonal growing technological elements.

Practical activity:

  • Primary and industrial soybean seed production;
  • Production and sale of elite and reproduction soybean seeds;
  • Supply of products for seed inoculation and foliage spraying of crops;
  • Supply of already inoculated soybean seeds;
  • Production and sale of trading and nutritive soy;
  • Provision of services in the field of development the soybean cultivation technologies;
  • Advisory services on soybean production, crop inspection, recommendations on timing and doses for application of inoculants, fertilizers, pesticides and agrochemicals.
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