About the company

The “SOKO” Company was founded in 1992. It specializes on breeding soybean varieties for different regions of Russia and abroad, testing and promotion of the most effective products, development of new zonal technologies for cultivation.

Mission of “SOKO”

To produce and supply the best seeds, perform a consulting in order to increase the profitability of soybean industry and provide stable development of our partners and society as a whole.


Our soybean varieties are rightfully considered as the pride of Russia in the area of breeding. This is evidenced by the fact that “SOKO” varieties in the State System for Ensuring Uniform Measurement are used as the standard.

At the time being, varieties are included in the State Register of breeding inventions that approved for the use:

  • 000 | ULTRA-EARLY MATURING: SС Artica, SС Doka, SC Ava
  • 00 | VERY EARLY MATURING: Avanta, Bara, SС Alta, SC Avrora, SС Rusa, SC Elana, SC Farta
  • 0 | EARLY MATURING: SC Aleksa, SC Unica, Arleta, Sparta, SC Agra
  • 1 | MID EARLY MATURING: SC Veda, SC Optima, SC Riana
  • 2 | MID MATURING: SC Viola, SC Planta


The works on seed breeding are performed jointly with the basic agricultural enterprises in the European part of Russia with the direct participation of seedsman specialists of the “SOKO” company who control the compliance with the elements of seed production technology, ensure that the seeds meet State and internal standards. The varieties of “SOKO” company consistently occupy about 40 % of crop acreage of soybean in the Southern and North Caucasian Federal districts and over 10 % – in the Central and Volga Federal districts of Russia. As of today, own production facilities of “SOKO” company allow to produce yearly, work, pack and store approximately 7000 tons of soybean seeds.


In 2023-2024 we plan to launch a SEED PLANT. Within the framework of investment project implementation of “SOKO” company, we plan to build a breeding seed center, that is specialized on production of soybean seeds, with a capacity of 15 000 - 30 000 tons of seeds per a year.


The innovative products of excellent quality are the main vector of our activity. Remaining faithful to this principle, the Company produces the best soybean seeds and opens great prospects for successful development of business of our partners and customers.

Our customers have the opportunity to choose the product that is most suitable for their region. Employees of “SOKO” perform continuous research activities on the breeding of high-yield innovative soybean varieties that combine high protein with reduced trypsin inhibitor activity and high solubility index that makes them irreplaceable raw material for deep soybean conversion with obtain concentrates and isolates of soy protein.

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