SC Artica

Flexible type, with high protein
Σ эффект. t
1750-1850 °C

Variety characteristics
Maturity group 000 | ultra-quick maturing
Vegetation period 105-110
Maturity period I decade of September
Plant height 90-100
Height of the lower bean attachment 14-17
Average yield by region 1,97
Maximum yield by region 2,80

ssp. Manshurica, var. praecox Enk.
Plant growth type:
semi determinate
Lateral development:
lowered, the angle of divergence of branches from the main stem is acute
Plant pubescence:
Flower Color:
Seed coat luster:
yellow, glossy
freebly-marked, with stump seed
Charcoal rot:
Downy mildew:
Resistance to lodging:
Resistance to pod shatter:
Wide-scale sowing method (45, 70 cm)* Ordinary sowing method (15, 25 cm)*
thd./ ha kg/ ha thd./ ha kg/ ha
550-650 90-110 700-800 110-140

* Minimum seeding rate for arid conditions, maximum – for irrigation conditions.

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