Story of “SOKO” success

In 2022 “SOKO” company celebrated its 30th anniversary. All this time, we were confidently going to our goal, overcoming the timeline and economic turbulence. In quarter-century a serious path of development has passed – from a small firm to serious enterprise with its own production facilities and the largest soybean breeding program in the country. The “SOKO” company is the absolute leader in Russia for the production of soybean seeds.

Ширинян Олег

President of “SOKO” company
Oleg Shirinyan

During all these years the main priority of “SOKO” company`s work is the constant improvement of soybean seeds quality and cultivation technologies for obtain the maximum profit from each hectare. The company applies modern methods in breeding of new varieties, including a reduction in the period of breeding new varieties due to the use of winter nursery-garden and genomic breeding.

Our main value is certainly the staff. Sustainable development and prosperity of the company became possible by professionalism and attachment to the cause of our specialists. As of today, “SOKO” is rightfully taking the lead in the field of breeding soybean varieties with high protein, record yields and drought-resistance that are adapted to a wide range of conditions and cultivating regions.

In this significant year for the company, we would like to express appreciation to our friends and partners for their support and gratitude to our customers for their trust over the years. In the future, the company sets new ambitious plans – the construction of state-of-the-art seed plant in the short term as well as the production and distribution of new seeds` varieties in near and far-abroad countries.

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